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Æsir Technologies, Inc. was formed with the mission to develop revolutionary, high performance batteries that are safe, environmentally responsible, sustainable and economical. Today, Æsir is leveraging decades of research in zinc battery technology with the latest advances in material sciences and combining them with Æsir proprietary innovations.  The result are break-through battery technologies that include cells that are high in energy, high in power, low in cost and weight, and provide an unsurpassed level of safety. Æsir was formed in 2011 to pursue advanced battery technologies including Rechargeable Zinc Air Battery and Rechargeable Nickel Zinc Battery technologies. Our team includes successful business executives, engineers, scientists, and technicians with extensive experience in batteries, engineering, and product development. In addition, the company has assembled a team of technical experts and a highly respected team of legal and accounting professionals.

Our Executive team has over 80 years in the battery industry and 120 years in the mining and material processing sectors.

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