Defense Applications

Due to NiZn’s additional capacity and longer life, the Company is engaged with the Navy to finalize a development program for the new Columbia class submarine and retro-fitting the existing Ohio and Virginia class submarines.  NiZn has been on the Navy’s product roadmap for 20+ years and ZAF’s NiZn product is currently undergoing testing and validation at NASEA Crane.  Upon successful testing, the company has submitted funding request of $2.8M to establish a production line to support the formats needed for the submarine.

 In addition, the Company is in discussions for NiZn to be configured for a 6T format for military transport vehicles to support the additional power requirements for communications and weapon systems.  With the Company executive’s experience in the defense industry at EaglePicher, we have established relationships and knowledge of the internal processes, to elevate our NiZn into current and future programs. 


Military Transport


Missile Defense

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