Aerospace Applications

Æsir’s strategy will be to initially compete against incumbent nickel-cadmium batteries due to the requirement for NiCd batteries to be extensively maintained in business and commercial aircraft.  Every 3-6 months, the batteries must be removed from the aircraft, the electrolyte dumped out and fresh electrolyte added, and the batteries charge-cycled to remove the NiCd “memory effect.” Æsir is planning on introducing first a battery for the Cessna Citation series under a supplemental-type certificate (STC) and then for the Boeing 737.  The Citation has approximately 8,500 deliveries to date and the 737 has over 7,000.

General Aviation (GA) Market Forces

 NextGen* avionics in light aircraft driving need form more power and energy at less weight than lead acid and at less cost than Li-Ion.

Business Aviation Market

Somewhat less price sensitive than commercial or GA. Can evaluate the added value performance improvements and reduced maintenance cost over NiCd.

Helicopter Market

Lead-acid weight considerations have always been design problems. New chemistries provide opportunities to increase useful payloads.

Commercial Aircraft Market

Benefits of Li-ion over NiCd drive a migration in spite of negative first impressions with regard to the Dreamliner fires. Recognition of “safe” chemistries helping.

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